How the Clubhouse helped .CLUB increase sales by over 700% (2 Viewing)

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Nov 20, 2020
Montreal, QC
In the first half of January, .CLUB Domains saw a 737 percent spike in premium domain registrations. Our company just so happens to be the registry operator for the domain, but despite more than 20 years in internet and mobile marketing, we didn’t understand what was happening at first. Then, the rise of Clubhouse came into focus.
[notify]DomainTrader[/notify], I think you're still active a lot on Clubhouse, has it helped grow your business, too?

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Looks like clubhouse is on the way out

I talked about that a while back, I did not understand why clubhouse was popular and I predicted it would fade out.

Unless it is recorded and you can play it back it makes no sense to me. I would have to continuously hang out in a room with one ear on the mic for fear of missing anything.

The whole purpose of the written word is you can read it at your convenience.

Dan, I am not knocking it for you and I am sure it has its advantages but I post between clients and phone calls at my convenience without fear of missing anything. I am a prolific poster and active member on a dozen forums. I bookmark what I like and come back when I have time. I cannot do that with clubhouse.


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