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Nov 18, 2020
Nelson, BC
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for me super slow, few lowball inquiries. some sass from a realtor who handregged a instead of my after inquiring.

what realtor uses something like or they will just confuse people and lose traffic to the domain ending in the plural. I told her as much and she accused me of trying to shake her down (after she initiated the inquiry).

anyway, looking forward to Sept when things usually pick up.
August was definitely a very quiet month for me. I did have one low 4 figure sale but that’s it other than a bunch of lowball inquires from the usual (GD auctions).
I just checked my inquiries as of today and I’ve had the same amount of inquiries in August that I’ve had in July. I would say it’s pretty consistent with the month of August.
From the Buyer Broker side, August was a very busy month, with lots of new buy-side projects kicking off, however none are for .CA domains ... sorry. Most of our clients are outside of Canada, and most of them want one and two-word .com domains, although we get the occasional client wanting a .CA, god bless them.
Seems to have picked up again in November, but fairly dry til then. A mix of new inquiries, and old leads getting back to me (but not with much greater offers).

Have listed a few dozen names at Dan after reading people's success here, with BIN's, lease to buy options, and rent options. Will see how that goes, I think for higher priced names an easy streamlined lease to buy option could help move a name.

A bit concerned if the general economy is going to hold up over the winter.
It's been a ghost town all year, letting a lot of domains drop, I have not bought a domain for months.
Damn this is a depressing thread. :lol:

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