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I absolutely hate it when someone says "whats your budget" or "what are you willing to spend".

It sounds like a used car salesman, I visit a car lot to look at cars, not to be asked what my net worth is.
Just quote me a price and I will let you know if it is too much or if I'm willing to spend that.

Just imagine going on the Porsche website and having it ask you what your budget is before it serve syou a webpage.

I don't like games, just be direct, quote a price and let the shopper decide if they are ok with it or not.
Elliot seems to be doing pretty well for himself and like George K, he's sitting on a pile of serious domains.

Probably gets tiring fielding all the junk offers on million-dollar domain names. At least by putting "Budget" on a required field you don't have to follow up with hobo-level nitwits typing in lowball offers. You can just delete them and move on.

I see the logic there, but as he says, this is a strategy for high-value domains.
I'd agree for higher value domains it's not a bad strategy and better than asking for an offer. Maybe makes the potential buyer think about what their actual range is for the domain in question, rather than just starting with a lowball. The worst they can do is not tell you their budget and then you go through the dance.

After 20+ years I've found there is no real perfect negotiating strategy anyway, most of the time the buyer has their limit and that's that. You might push them somewhat higher but most of the time not. Even if you know the buyer could easily meet your price they might just have their limit and walk away - you might think they'll come back at some point with a higher offer and that does happen, but again most of the time not from my experience.
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Hehe.... someone else feels as strongly as I do about this.

That said, Rick always shares with such brutal honesty
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