ICANN At Large: Zoom Talk on the Second Domain Market Today (1 Viewing)

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Nov 20, 2020
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Join the NARALO Talk, “The Secondary Market in Domain Names“, with presenters Zak Muskovitch and Nat Cohen on Monday, 14 December at 20 UTC. Email staff (at) atlarge.icann.org for the Zoom link.

20:00 UTC = 3 pm EST, 12 pm PST

I will be busy but hopefully there might be a recorded version following
FYI: I requested the Zoom link when I posted this here and had the link in my email about 30 minutes later. I'll check on a recording, as I should be able to listen in.
So as expected Zak and Nate's presentation was great and represented "us" well. It was a general introduction to domain investing and the role it plays. The target audience is end-users in general, so not registrants per see.

Of course, there were some sideline discussions (in the chat) calling domainers cybersquatters and mentioning terms like "extortion", but those were very limited. Domainers were very well represented in the call, so there was enough and civil pushback on these items.

All in all, I'd say that it was a great representation of our corner of the industry.

I've asked if there is a recording.
The summary of the call is available here:

It includes a link to the presentations etc, and here is the direct link to the recording.

I forgot to add - an interesting point (that has been brought up in the past) is that there is no real representation of registrants at ICANN, hopefully, the board will be petitioned to establish something like that in the future.

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