Is Donald Trump a domainer? (1 Viewing)


Nov 5, 2020
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If Trump was a domainer :ROFLMAO:

http://Sweet.Casino will be a global brand name with high price!Very high!

That 70S Show Lol GIF by Peacock
"People say I have the best domains"
Some more from ChatGPT:

Sure, here are ten sayings rephrased in the style of Donald Trump, but focused on domain names:
  1. "People say I have the best domains. Nobody does domains like me."
  2. "Let's make domain registration great again!"
  3. "I know domains; I have the best domains. Everyone agrees, they're tremendous."
  4. "When it comes to domains, I'm really rich. I have a terrific collection."
  5. "I'll build a huge firewall, and the hackers are going to pay for it!"
  6. "Look at these domains. Aren't they beautiful? They're winners, just like me."
  7. "I don't settle for second best. My domains are all top-level."
  8. "In the world of domains, you're either a winner or a loser, and I'm a winner."
  9. "We're going to drain the swamp of bad domains and bring in the premium ones."
  10. "Only I can fix the internet. It starts with having the best domains."

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