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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON

I saw lemons.ca for sale on Flippa and thought it was an interesting domain. I would much prefer the singular version of this domain but even the plural interested me enough to follow it through and click on the listing.


You can see quite clearly that the seller is Shelva from the United Kingdom and I found that interesting so I punched the name into the URL bar and it came up at Dan.com listed by Visual Media with an interesting forwarding address at: dan.lemons.ca


If you follow that link through it finally gets to" lemons.ca - Domain Name For Sale | Dan.com

When you get to Visual Media you can click on all listings: Visual Media - Domain Name Shop | Dan.com which clearly shows a domainer that is looking for payment in European currencies. The domainer has lots of European domains and to me it looks like is not a Canadian.

Further more whois is also quite interesting first you finally get a selling price.


Then you get to the whois data:


So interestingly enough the evidence points to the possibility that a NON Canadian owns this domain.

So as much as I am talking about lemons today it could be thousands of similar domains and it highlights that there are probably some prime domains registered (not in use) that try to disguise Canadian presence but really are owned by out of country investors.

The same goes for most domains that have to meet a residency requirement, can be .us or any other similar extension like .eu for instance. It makes you wonder how thoroughly each registry is perusing the whois/ownership data to assure the residency requirements are met.

Here is a short list of extensions needing residency requirements:

.US - US Presence

.EU - EU Presence

.UK - Admin in UK

.CA - Canadian Presence

.DE - Admin in Germany

.ASIA - Contact in Asia

Now some of you are probably asking yourselves if I ever report the owner of this domain, just moved on, or what the purpose of this article was. Well you know... I asked myself that as well and I came to the conclusion as a domainer I am impressed with how creative some of these sellers are and I hope they sell their domains... I mean as a domainer myself what more could I say?
.US is incorrect.

".US can be registered by any individual, business big or small, blog or organization that is a citizen of, or licensed in, the USA including federal, state and local governments. In addition, .US may be registered by foreign entities that have a bona fide interest or presence in the United States. For more information on the .US Nexus Policies, please click here."

I am a U.S. citizen residing in Japan use a Japanese mailing address. Neustar did a spot check on one of my domains in 2017. I asked if they would do it again, in case it slipped through as the first almost did, and provided a list of my .US domains. They said that they probably won't, at least for the (1) they were checking on, and I haven't heard from them since.
MapleDots said:
.EU - EU Presence

.EU requires a .EU citizenship or company as far as I know, not a European presence. This was changed as part of the Brexit related changes for .EU domains.

MapleDots said:
.UK - Admin in UK

I don't think they ever had a presence requirement.

MapleDots said:
.DE - Admin in Germany

This requirement was dropped a few years ago.

MapleDots said:
.ASIA - Contact in Asia

The updated Charter Eligibility Requirement Policies allows for "entities seeking relationship or presence in Asia" to register a .Asia domain without a pre-existing address or ID.

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