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Nov 11, 2020
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I will help, I have a list of over 1000 Canadian domainers I can let know about this place if you like.
Thank you Adam, I was going to make an announcement asking everyone to do just that, we need to build momentum to grow the member base.
I've sent out a couple emails also although my contact list is much smaller than Adam's lol
We also have to involve some of the domain owners who collect a just few domains.
You do not have to be a domainer full time, it could be a little hobby and one could own just a few domains.

There is no set criteria to join and a lot of people own a few domains they are proud of.
I am only half-kidding. Would be interesting to know how many individuals in Canada own 10 or more domains. I think it would be a relatively small number. Domaining still seems to be a niche thing after all these years, judging by how often it comes up in everyday conversation with people I know. The idea of having a personal domain for your email, for example, even just to forward it, isn't done by most people. They just rather use gmail, shaw, icloud, telus, etc.
Anybody helping with promoting us?

We need some members guys, please tell your friends so we can keep the momentum.

Also post if you have any .ca news or happenings.
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[notify]AdamDicker[/notify] I can give you first hand advice on how to grow a baby *JOKINGLY*

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