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Dec 19, 2020
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Saw this website being promoted on facebook:

They don't have much info besides what's for sale, but it seems like the concept is wholesale liquidation where you buy a pallet of random crap and hope for the best in terms of what will be included with the pallet. Almost like a surprise gift bag where you don't know what you're going to get. I'm almost half tempted to buy one as you can see some pallets include expensive items (i.e. those that are visible).

Anyway, just thought it was a neat concept so I thought I'd share. Below is the same video they have on their homepage:

Not a terrible handreg they picked up either.

What would you do if you discovered a few kilos of cocaine in one of the packages...? lol

Wouldn't be surprised if it happened on occasion, especially with the "UPS unclaimed mail" pallets. I'm surprised UPS would even sell off unclaimed packages to be honest.
I would never touch that crap, as these guys all know exactly what is in each pallet, as they went through larger crates (looking for anything valuable/functional) and then assemble these "unsearched pallets" to sell off the garbage to the rubes.

I knew people online who did this on eBay and their "random boxes" always came from larger wholesale purchases that went through several stages, first the expensive easy-to-sell stuff was removed and sold individually, then the second tier items were packaged up in small lots, them medium lots, then larger lots... until the very end where the broken/non-functional/garbage stuff was bundled up and sold as "mystery boxes'.

What you are getting here is a pile of bottom-of-the-barrel junk that has been searched through and catalogued 5-10 times.

Trust me, no one is just going to give away pristine iPhones or game consoles, as those are easy to sell off - that's where these junk dealers make 90% of their money. What you will get is DOA or broken electronics returns, dirty kitchen appliances, and greasy headphones.

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