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Nov 28, 2020
Toronto, ON
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Just curious how m3 financial group that claims to be Canada's Largest non bank originator of Mortgages has the domain m3-grp.com.

A simple upgrade to m3.ca would do it wonders. (I am not the owner). Taking a visit over to the website and I see it’s listed for $2995 USD.

One who calls themselves the largest non bank originator of mortgages yet can’t pay 3K to have the best domain possible for them. Makes sense…
My guess would be they are doing business also on an international level.

That leads me to kind of an interesting topic right up this alley.

I sold a domain last week to a Canadian company that also does business internationally and they had tried to get the .com but were unsuccessful. When they contacted me they said the .ca was a second choice and they were not sure if they wanted to spend the money. Going on to their website they were hyping the fact they were a Canadian company to their international audience.

I basically called him a moron without saying that. I told him to jump on the domain before i change my mind. I said the world knows he is a Canadian company, now get a Canadian domain.

Sale was consummated and they are hopefully going to be using the domain soon.

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