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Nov 4, 2020
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My son is 14 and a massive car enthusiasts. He goes to almost every car show in our area and has been trying to convince me to get the new mid engine corvette. I soured on the car when I realized there was no stick shift available.

So after looking at every manual out there we decided on this and I am going to give him private lessons to teach him. I told him the car is his to use when he turns 16, aces school, stays on the straight and narrow. He picked blue colour and we're going this weekend to order it.

I have a big Hyundai Palisade Calligraphy and it has all the self driving stuff so it will be nice to be in a manual sports car again.

We are going to have so much fun in this.... father and son.

Teaching my kid to drive stick, something he will remember the rest of his life.
And to bring it back to domains, Nissan used to own (but sold it ---> foolish!). Of course, they don't own, either.... *WALL*
MapleDots said:
Teaching my kid to drive stick, something he will remember the rest of his life.

Definitely. I started with standard at 15 and that's all I drove for the next 10 years. It was the best thing my father could have done for me in terms of my future driving. Not only is it a skill you will keep for the rest of your life but it helps you better understand vehicles in general when you're forced to be control of each gear. Plus you also have the option to drive a lot bad ass cars, if ever given the opportunity. It could also help in emergencies if you need to drive somewhere and the only option is stick.
FM said:
Zoom Zoom. Oh wait :D

HeHe funny guy

Just ordered it for early next year delivery, was as easy as butting $2500 deposit on the credit card.

I asked for the limited edition yellow one but they are only making 240 of them so as a second choice I took the blue with black/blue interior.
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I placed my order for a red one, I figured I would get in on the last gasoline powered Z. It gives me some time to move one of my other cars to make room.

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