Mysterious Godaddy Negotiations in my account (1 Viewing)

I just checked and have them on my account as well and I know nothing about a negotiation.

Yes they are related. I have a bunch of them that are like that and all closed. Over the years I’ve pulled almost everything out of Godaddy.
Quite honestly....

I'm pleased with godaddy, they give me discount club for free because I do so much auction business with them.

I get my domains at a reasonable price but I could save a buck per domain by moving to canspace. However with the poor bulk tools they have I would gladly pay more and stay at godaddy. With them I can do most anything in bulk and I have not found one registrar with bulk tools to rival godaddy.

I am anxiously awaiting the move to a registrar but they will charge in USD (at cost) so I have to do the conversion to see if that is worth it to me. Doing accounting with constant USD conversions sucks because I have to wait until the credit card finishes posting before I know what my true cost is.
how many domains do you need at Godaddy to get the free Discount Club? wondering if I should ask them for it, as my names there have been growing.
They don't give free discount club unless you spend a lot of money there.

It was not until I cancelled my discount club and they saw me unlock my domains that I got a call from my rep to offer it for free. He said I spent over 50k that year and he would like to see me continue with godaddy.

So that is how I got it, they did not want to lose me especially because I spent over 50k just on auction/afternic without the renewals factored in yet.

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