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Nov 18, 2020
Nelson, BC
just a post of general interest, California has a new? covid vaccine site

I just noticed a big uptick in traffic to my .ca domain MyTurn, which I had registered previously just as a common saying.

so far I’ve just done a redirect to the .gov site once I figured whats going on. will probably just create a lander for it with a message and link to the .gov site
I noticed this very same type of extension for a California thing just yesterday. I cant remember for certain if it's the same domain but it probably is lol.
Here's an idea: Sell impulse buy items for people who are getting vaccinated!

Some predictable t-shirt ideas:

"I stayed in my house for a year and all I got was this stupid shirt."
"Stay calm and vaccinate on."
"Hooked on Pfizer. Worked for me!"

Might be in poor taste, but I had a good chuckle. :)
lol I think I will just provide a clear forward or link to the covid site since it’s a fairly important resource for the state if you want to know when you can get a vaccine.

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