NameBio: Sneaky trick when copying domain sales data! (2 Viewing)

Jul 1, 2022
Toronto, ON
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NameBio is an indispensable tool for assessing domain sales data. With billions of dollars in recorded sales, is a great repository of domain sales, the majority of which have been verified and double-checked.

Sharing such domain sales with attribution is the typical angle, however, NameBio is very protective of its data, apparently.

We found out that when performing a search for groups of sales, for example LLLL .com domains that were sold in the past year, data is displayed correctly in your browser.

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Yeah, it's all gibberish even with a simple domain name copy and paste. Been there, done that.
I was turned off by namebio all the captcha, gibberish, scripts, protections etc.

The answer is very simple, make the lookup part login only.
Allow 3 lookups per session and lock it after that.

All the security measures and scripts at namebio are over the top in my opinion.

You sell data and then provide gibberish? How crazy is that.

So pretend someone does not notice and publishes the data quoting they got it from namebio. Now the data is all wrong and namebio's reputation as well as the publishers goes down the toilet.

There are lots of good examples like how estibot does it, they allow a few free then you pay or wait a day.

Pretty simple.

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