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Nov 7, 2020
Vernon, BC
I transferred 100+ domains into - thought I'd try them out since another registrar jacked prices on a particular TLD.

A couple weeks later I've double checked to just make sure every domain was in my account and that I was billed correctly.

Mysteriously, one domain (although not a particularly valuable one) was missing from my account, although it WAS transferred to namecheap...

No notification from namecheap that any errors occurred or that anything was amiss.

After talking to support she said it was a "rare case" and that the domain was actually in my account, just not visible. I would think that this scenario wouldn't be all that common and that there should be some support person responsible for routinely checking a queue of anomalies such as this so they can squash them BEFORE a customer finds out...

In any case, its just a buyer-beware scenario, if you're transferring domains anywhere, especially when in bulk, be damned sure everything showed up and is configured properly...
ugh. her reply was:

Due to the number of registered domains, we cannot monitor them all. However, I can assure you that this situation is extremely rare.

My reply was:

that's a bad answer. it would be fairly trivial for a programmer to create a list of domains in this situation, in an account, but NOT visible, and then a customer support person should at least weekly check that queue to just to make sure.
Namecheap and Spaceship are run by the same people. I'd never touch anything that has any association to them. I've written about it before, but in my books, any company that decides to discriminate based on ethnic or national origin, deserves zero trust.
Yeah, if there's any verifiable racial discrimination, I'd certainly like to know too. And if you've wrote about it in the past I don't remember because I probably ignored it because I had never used them previously.
I had to move in 152 .com's, which I separated from acquired catalogs, and I ended up picking DynaDot to manage them.

I've had domains there in the past but found things a bit convoluted with two sets of passwords and such so I will post back when I can review them with a bit more detail.

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