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Nov 7, 2020
Vernon, BC
Ok [notify]DomainTrader[/notify], I'm just responding to an inquiry on a city/real-estate keyword domain. I've had it less than a year, and I've quoted this domain once before. This time I'll try the "make an offer" gambit. Of course we all know that 99.5% realtors are cheap AF. The truly successful remaining few know the value of branding and use it to their advantage.

We'll see which one it is and if this gets me anywhere...
I have this one (OpenHouser) in .ca and .com and the domains have had 12 offers with nothing of substance so far.
One realtor is on me every year but the highest so far has been 6k for the .ca and .com as a package. I told him 10k buys both and that he can write it of as an advertising expense. In other words 100% deductible for for him on his taxes. He is still hesitating and has not jumped in to close. So my experience with realtors has been the same, all talk but no close.

I did not want to hijack this topic so I posted the domains in a Real Estate showcase topic here:
Instead of telling him he can write it off as an advertising expensive I would focus on the revenue generation and investment angle

IE: one sale and this puppy pays for itself 3x over and the rest is pure gravy

True too
Wasn't it ReginaRealEstate or ReginaHomes in .ca that sold for something like $20k?

You would think owning a city+realestate or city+homes in .ca or .com would be a natural for realtors to pay up for, but no most don't get it or see the value. Maybe the ones that already have them do see how valuable they are.

When I look through a real estate brochure for a city, there are so many realtor ads using sh*tty domains.

When you consider they could use the cost of the domain as a business expense, and how it would increase their business because buyers would easily remember their website address before all the other crappy ones, they should be jumping on them.

Does anyone know what a realtor makes these days on say a $500,000 home sale in commissions? Where I live the demand and prices have gone way up this year, the realtors doing a lot of volume must be making a killing.

From what I remember, they used to make something like 7% on the first $100k, then 3.5% on every $100k after?
domains said:
Wasn't it ReginaRealEstate or ReginaHomes in .ca that sold for something like $20k?

Yes, a very successful realtor who believes in domains and has spent well into 6-figures buying good real estate domains, flipped it to another realtor.

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