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Nov 4, 2020
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Today some of you might have noticed our new verified badges beside certain user names.

Verified badges have one meaning, they assure you are dealing with a real person or company.
They indicate the person or company is a real entity and have the proper credentials supplied to show they are safe to do business with.

We ( do not interfere or impose any rules on transactions here at
We do not enforce any sales conditions on the buyer nor the seller, the transactions are fully governed by the buyer/seller.

4. Anyone buying or selling in the Marketplace is welcome to do so, however the discussion is between the buyer and seller and will not enforce nor mediate a sales agreement. This is a free market economy and as such does not interfere with members ability to buy or sell on the forum. However, should we deem a member to be attempting, or committing, fraud then the member will be restricted from using the platform.

The quote above comes from our forum guidelines: User Guidelines

Note, they are called guidelines and not rules, we understand each member runs their own business or website with their own policies and rules.

Therefore Verified on means we have verified the person/business to be a real person or business with all the contact information in place in case you need more information on a transaction or a domain. does not endorse any person with a verified badge, we simply state we have checked Name, address, phone number etc and verified them to be real to the best of our abilities and that generally it should be safe to conduct commerce with that person/business. It is still up to each member to do their own diligence before releasing funds to any other member.

You can get more information on other verification perks here: Verified Members
Hehe, nobody else would be silly enough to spend this much time.

I do it because I run my other jobs on a second and third monitor. So for me it's fun to see what I can implement next.

The main screen tabbed interface was a bugger to work on. I had to modify so much code to make it look and feel right
You should make it a bright green badge so it draws attention :)

The blue looks a bit pale next to the name.

Or a nice maple red :D

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