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Sep 26, 2021
I prepared a response to a post, but unfortunately, Google's Puzzle game (AKA reCaptcha) had me play 11 ^%&$# TIMES and still wouldn't let me back. There are no-puzzle captchas that are invisible and require the device to respond, not a human, are faster and friendlier and don't drive visitors away from A: reporting to Google where we are, from what location and for how long and B:, childish games.

ADMIN: Your Immunify360 is way off kilter. No sane reason anyone should have to go through 11 - 14 Google games to prove we are a human.

RedRider said:
Hmm, I'm pretty sure dn doesn't use captcha

That is correct, we do not use reCaptcha, I am not sure what you had but a screenshot would allow me to investigate.

Other possibility is you are using a flagged IP from a VPN and the reCaptcha is being generated by your browser which could generate an endless loop.

We have a few spam control measures in place but they apply to board email, limited to 1 every 5 minutes and registration where you have to answer a basic question. This prevents a bot from registering a spam account. Other than that no additional visible end user anti spam measures are in place.
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I never got a captcha on dn.ca and I also do not see it in the list of sites my browser connects to from dn.ca.

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