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Nov 28, 2020
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Interesting sale since you see these everywhere this time of year.

Sale reported in USD on namebio.

I would imagine the domain is the most valuable at christmas time but who can remember how to spell it?
I've honestly never even heard if it, nor seen it. Had no idea what it was, thought it was women's shampoo maybe.
You see it in all the grocery stores in my area this time of year. I guess because there’s a lot of Italians in the GTA.
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I had an Italian friend that gave us one every Christmas
Seen them in the stores here in Montreal. Seems like a fair price, no?
FM said:
Seen them in the stores here in Montreal. Seems like a fair price, no?

$2500 USD seems to be a common entry price point for crappy .coms as sold by large domain holders like buydomains or whatever. I think that's simply based on the the fact that its sort of a sweet spot price that nearly anyone is willing to pay for a domain for their business. And I don't think .CA should be 10% of that because it is really the same for Canada or the UK or anywhere else. If you're in business, that's just an amount that nearly anyone should be able to afford for their business. Of course, the price should go up from there based on quality & popularity.

So for basically $3K CAD on this one, yeah, I think that was fair.
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