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Jul 1, 2022
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The domain is on offer!
The name exudes a sense of insight and bias,
making it ideal for startups in data analytics,
consulting, or social justice.

The one-word format adds to its memorability and brand potential,
while connotations of prejudice can spark intriguing conversations
and challenge the status quo. Accepting this domain name it can signal
a commitment to rigorous decision-making, careful assessment,
and the elimination of systemic injustices.

With Prejudicious the startup can convey a message of thoughtfulness,
intelligence and willingness to face difficult truths in search of progress.

Potential end users:
- Marketing agencies
The name "Prejudicious" suggests a sense of judgment or partiality,
which may appeal to companies wanting the position
themselves as experts in making informed decisions and choices.
- Consulting companies
The term "biased" conveys a sense of shrewdness and careful consideration,
which may resonate with consulting firms looking to demonstrate their expertise
in providing strategic advice and guidance.
- Legal services
The word "prejudiced" can evoke a sense of fairness and justice,
making it a suitable choice for law firms or legal services
who want to convey reliability and integrity in their practice.

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