Public Dan transactions (sales and lease starts) from January 2021 (1 Viewing)

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Nov 28, 2020
Disclaimer: The author herself explains that these are just a fraction of all sales for January 2021 since sellers have the option to keep sales private

In case anyone didn't know, Leanne McMahon ( posts a daily report of the sales she's found using's public ledger ( Pretty interesting information for anyone that follows her

This week, she compiled all her data and released a report for the month of January and you can see it here...

How does this relate to CA's you ask? Well I drilled down the report and saw that there was only 1 .CA sale for all of (Tweet 2 of 2... )

Keep in mind, she says public sales account for only about 15% of all transactions...but it's still an interesting data point

And congrats if anyone here was the seller. Hope you got a good price
Registered until 2027 though! So hopefully they have some plans for it

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