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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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I saw the domain puree.ca on this weeks TBR list and somehow I could not stop thinking about this domain name.

Pure is a fabulous keyword and the second "e" in Puree could easily be a business name.

So I came up with pure energy and there are two companies running on it.

PureEnergy.ca and PurEnergy.ca

Funny but the second company is actually called Pure Energy but is running on PurEnergy.ca missing one E while their name has the e.

Puree.ca would be an insanely good domain for them.

Whoever wins it in TBR might want to look at them as a potential client.

Screenshot (95).png

PS. The TBR subject about this is here: https://dn.ca/topic/tbr-drop-aug-10-2022.1747/#post-15982
Not sure why anyone would own purée and use it for pure and energy. That reminds me of pen island…can you guess their domain?
Now is the time to trim any fat from your portfolio. not adding to it.
OK, so we have x2 no's + @DomainRecap who also spoke out against the domain.

All that said.... the domain still resonates with me somehow.

Am I the onluy one who sees the potential for this domain.... I bet not, I bet the TBR winner will have a vision of their own.

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