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Great domain, congrats!

Not that the two things are linked, but the LARAMS/com version would sort of suck for when they, inevitably, move the team :LOL:
Anyone in this topic mentioning the football team above is doing so on a free and open discussion platform and I have not, nor will I be contacting them for a sale. I will assume this to be an acronym domain unless someone wants to use it as a pronounceable.

Nothing to worry about here hon, there are lots of rams teams "" - Google Search
You gonna keep us guessing or are you going to tell us what you paid?
Screenshot (16).png

Who wants the .ca?
Screenshot (81).png

For fun I turned off BIN and set minimum bid to $1000

Between all marketplaces I received 71 offers for $1000 yesterday alone.
A definite uptick since the domain was posted on twitter and in the news about an ownership change.
Do you make counter-offers to those lowball offers?? šŸ¤”
Screenshot (82).png

In case anyone is wondering, this is how our topics index on google.

The word OFFERS is the selected prefix, if you pick FOR SALE then that part of the indexing would read:

FOR SALE | Domain Names Canada -

Th e capitalization of RAMS is based upon how you enter it into the title but we capitalize all prefixes so a domain would look like this.

screenshot, the twitter link above cuts off.
No chance of a UDRP on this one, there are far too many teams using rams as a logo and team name. The TM in the graphic above is questionable when so many other teams are using the ram head.

Thats why I use two rams for the logo, I am still working on it, this is only preliminary

Screenshot - 2023-01-06T204733.117 (2).png

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