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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON

I saw on GoDaddy auctions for 3k and I was thinking of buying it. I punched it into the URL bar and it ends up at UNI for 3k USD. I cannot tell you how close I came to hitting the buy now button but decided to sleep on it when I saw that virtually no other extensions for it were developed.

The next day I thought about it some more and realized would probably be a better domain and following it through the same way it ends up at INI for the same price. Again very little development in the other extensions.

Then I had the AHA movement when I realized you need both of these domains to pass the radio test if you are going to develop it. That is why there there is little to no development in the other extensions.

So here is an opportunity to own both by hitting buy now on UNI or you can dicker by going to GoDaddy Auctions where you can put in a bid at $1,950 to see if the owner bites.

I think both domains are owned by the same person because they are both registered at canspace and parked at UNI. So maybe someone can pick up a bargain.



PS. If I were going after both domains I would certainly not hit the minimum offer $1950 for each domain at godaddy because if the owner is smart he will accept one and decline the other therefore forcing you higher on the second domain.

The only way to grab both of these domains is to hit buy now at UNI for 3k each or to contact the owner via the cira form and offer 2k each to see if he bites. Since $1,950 is the minimum bid at godaddy the owner might just sell at a direct sale of 2k each in CAD.

Anyways, all the research is done on these two in case anyone is interested.
ReSale hands down IMOP, resell just seems incomplete to me?
backing up what [notify]dancarls[/notify] said, I can find 3 developed .ca domains using the term resell, versus 10 developed .ca sites for resale. Many more undeveloped .ca domains for resale versus resell too. And all those I found are small time realtors or consignment shops, etc.

To be honest, neither are really great, IMO.

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