Sneaky UDRP filed after Complainant used GoDaddy broker (1 Viewing)

Jul 1, 2022
Toronto, ON

Finally, while the Panel views with some suspicion Respondent’s claim that it mentioned a “$15k+” price in its exchange with GoDaddy to “get rid of them” – he could have simply replied that he is not interested in selling – this doesn’t change the fact that GoDaddy did not identify the potential buyer or that Respondent’s other evidence in this case undercuts Complainant’s claim that it sought to sell the disputed domain name to Complainant in violation of Policy

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Everyone write this down:

A lack of intent to sell a disputed domain name was found under very similar circumstances in Simple Plan Inc. v. Michel Rog, FA 1973743 (Forum Jan. 4, 2022). The domain name, in that case, was acquired by Respondent after Complainant inadvertently let it expire. The Complainant claimed that the Respondent offered to sell the domain back to it but the Panel noted that “n the present case it is clear that Respondent never ‘offered’ the domain name for sale but considered a possible sale only after Respondent was approached by the GoDaddy agent acting on behalf of an undisclosed buyer, which happened to be Complainant. Receiving an offer to purchase a domain name that does not correspond to a globally famous trademark does not amount to an extortionate bad faith attempt to sell the domain name to the relevant brand owner.”) Id.

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