Royal Bank of Canada launches RBCx, with the .com (1 Viewing)

Dec 1, 2020
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As I noted on Twitter, Royal Bank of Canada appears to have used GoDaddy's Corporate Domains division (formerly called "Brandsight") to acquire the domain name between December and January from the former Chinese registrant, for use with their newly launched RBCx platform:

They also appear to have registered the .ca version, given the registrar it's at (WHOIS is private/redacted -- I thought redaction was only for domains owned by individuals in .ca??), but aren't using it for anything.

These 4 letter .com's (that really do not make sense) are traditionally selling for a few hundred bucks. So imagine yourself owning RBCX, you would never figure RBC would want it because what the heck is the X for?

Would be so interesting to see what it sold for because I have a nice 4 letter .com and have had offers as high as 3k for it but I was hesitant to let it go for that.

I sold a pronounceable CVCV dot com for $50K USD a few years ago, so they definitely can sell for a lot more than a few hundred bucks. I wish I was sitting on a bunch more of them...

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