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Jul 3, 2021
Toronto, ON
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These universities don’t care about domain names. That’s the last thing on their mind.
They usually add a u in front like uWaterloo.ca

I have uMaple.com just in case anything ever comes of it.

uTorontoMetropolitan.ca would be my best guess.

Personally I think its a huge mistake, one has to procure the domain name before finalizing a name. There is nothing more important than your online presence.
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Personally, I cringe when organizations fail to secure the ideal domain(s) prior to announcing a name change.

Professionally, as a Buyer Broker, I love it, since it means another potential client is on the horizon, LOL.

Although I did graduate from Rye High, they aren't my client ... yet.
I mean there is a chance they registered the domain the same day they announced it…let’s wait and see.
theinvestor said:
I find it humorous that tmu.ca (Toronto Metropolitan University) is registered by university of Toronto swim club. :D

I've been wondering if they'll try and buy that from them somehow. Clearly the best choice.
torontomu.ca is what they used in their print ad. Currently forwards to ryerson.ca. I'm guessing that's their go to. Not bad.
Looks like registered in January…so they could have had any choice they wanted.

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