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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Sell using subdomain instead of domain
(names are changed)


I stand in a parade and see a shiny black truck with on it.
Only problem is the radio station is called 96.7 Kiss FM

I go and register for around 10 bucks.
Next create the subdomain 96 and you get

Now I create a zero margin frame and load the radio stations real website within my frame.
Like magic resolves just like

I contact the radio station with an email and the manager freaks, he calls and gives me an immediate order to stop.
I ask him for 5 minutes time to explain and tell him he can have the complete site for a reasonable price.

I said... think about it, you can now advertise on the side of your truck.
I told him it is exactly the same website as his current and no changes are required on his end.
I priced it reasonably, about the same price as a couple of newspaper ads.

Here is another example and lets use the .com
Register and add the subdomain 105 to get


Wash, Rinse, Repeat...

When you get creative with subdomains you can make amazing hacks and quickly turn a worthless domain into a profit margin.
One can do so much with a good sub domain, this is only one example of how I have used subdomains to sell domains.

It works really well with short four letter domains, that is why I own so many of them.

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