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Dec 19, 2020
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Seth Rogan Domain Acquisition: “We ripped those ‘****’ off!
By Elliot Silver - March 9, 2021

Seth Rogan was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show last night, and I thought the conversation about a recent domain name acquisition was funny. Seth Rogan is involved in a cannabis brand called Houseplant. The company owns the matching domain name.

During the segment last night, Kimmel asked Rogan about the domain name. In particular, he asked if the company had the domain name prior to the launch of the business. From a domain investor perspective, it’s pretty obvious a domain name like was registered long before the company was established. In fact, the domain name was created in June of 1997.

Commenting about the acquisition of the domain name, Rogan said that it was “shockingly easy.” He also mentioned that the owner of the domain name did not know who was behind the acquisition or why. Joking about it further, he said, “We ripped those ‘****’ off!”

A quick look at NameBio shows that the domain name was sold for $5,000 via Uniregistry in July of 2017. Assuming Rogan and his company were behind that purchase, they did get a very reasonable price.

Here’s the segment from last night – thanks to Gregg for sharing this with me:

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Wow, what a steal. $5K for a name like that is nothing. Maybe he’s right. He ripped them off. I won’t quote him. :)
Funny thing is that all the chatter has been about the .COM, but currently forwards to which everyone (on twitter, and tv) has seemed to ignore so far.

It might be because they first launched in Canada (as explained in the video), and they "might" be planning to set up different websites on the .CA and .COM eventually (due to jurisdictional issues, involving cannabis)... HOWEVER, Seth confirmed they will only operate in California (in the US), so maybe they are choosing to stick with the .CA, since CA stands for California and therefore works well? It's not like they'll lose traffic using the .CA, given they also own the .COM too, will they?

Time will tell what they choose to do, but it would be neat for them to stick with the .CA and use it to represent both Canada and California.

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