.CA SkilledTradesOntario.ca sold for 17,500 USD (1 Viewing)

Esdiel said:
SkilledTradesOntario.ca sold for 17,500 USD yesterday at Sedo: https://namebio.com/skilledtradesontario.ca

It was the top sale of the day reported to namebio.

Looks like the Ontario government bought it, which it what i figured:

"The Ontario government today announced a new Crown agency to be known as Skilled Trades Ontario to replace the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT)." - May 6, 2021

Interesting note: They paid 17,500 USD for SkilledTradesOntario on September 27th, and never even bothered buying SkilledTradeOntario.ca even though it was available.

Someone then went and handregged SkilledTradeOntario the next day on Sept 28th (just a few hours after my post). Hard to wrap my head around why they didn't bother buying it, but I also don't think they'll care to buy it.


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