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I'm hearing from quite a few domainers (owners of .com domains, not just .ca) who have been experiencing a slow sales year so far. The brokers I have spoken to have also said that business is slower than normal, which is my experience as well. There are still sales happening, including big ticket deals, thankfully, but it has been a sluggish year so far for the aftermarket. I am optimistic things will bounce back or upwards in Q3-Q4, but who knows?

January and February for awesome for me, but when March rolled around everything ground to a halt. I think a lot of people and companies took a step back to evaluate the economic situation. A "no new acquisitions" type deal.

Thankfully I just made a nice sale and that BAM was the money hitting my bank.
2022 was a good year for .ca domains according to Afternic:

You can't tell what that chart means, as they provide zero context for the numbers (not even Price for the Y axis or Total Sales per TLD), and the entire design concept makes it look like .COM was selling for peanuts, when it's likely a pile of crap .COM that got clearanced out that is bringing the numbers down.

As no one buys non-premium or fad .CA domains for investment (hopefully) the average sales price for .CA will always be higher than .COM or any popular gTLD. You don't get the .COM whackos with their "Bought for $25, held 5 years, sold for $55 - Pure Profit!" type of insanity.

But without the Y-axis "Price" and a total "Sales Numbers" for each TLD, Afternic has provided one of the most useless charts I've ever seen.

Pure Profit!!!
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was it a .ca?

Nope, .CA still remains in a holding pattern for me, although it takes up the largest portion of my portfolio.

But I'll take what I can get right now.
Here's another Afternic chart that gives a better idea of what's going on in the market right now, again without any hard numbers or context, but still far superior to their previous charts as STR is a percentage.

In 2022 .CA was behind .COM, .ORG, .NET, .CO, and .IO in terms of STR (sell-through rate) which is a prime indicator of TLD salability. This is kinda scary, as again, due to the tiny Canadian market for buyers, .CA buyers are usually far more discerning in terms of quality - the STR should logically be higher than it is, and on par with .NET and .CO. :unsure: :whistle:


And look at XYZ... behind both US and INFO. :LOL: :LOL:
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