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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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I would say the domains are probably targeted at me but there is virtually ZERO chance of me buying them because when I registered MapleDots I had the option to register MapleDot as well.

Being in the business I am in the non plural makes zero sense and I wish the seller lots of luck. Hopefully there is another business that has a use for a single MapleDot *DONT_KNOW*
And the reg’d them 4 years after you did the plural…must have thought you didn’t notice they were available for 4 years *DONT_KNOW*
So here is my take on this...

Over 10 years at $10 a pop it would have cost me $200 to hold these two domains even though I have no use for them.

So is it not better that whoever this is holds them for me and pays the renewal rates?

They show up as not available on registration so it's like having someone pay my misspell renewals for me.

Best of both worlds :D
And after they drop in 10 years, you can hand reg and own it.. Sounds like a plan!!
if I was holding the plurals like you, with my luck the term 'MapleDot' would become a thing, or else it would be Amazon's or Microsoft's next big project. :D though in which case it would still boost traffic to yours.

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