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Nov 4, 2020
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Adobe-Stock-54559723-2.jpg – $390,560
When GoDaddy revealed that it sold for $390,560, most assumed that gaming company Valve would have been the buyer, upgrading their popular gaming store from to

That isn’t the case, though. The buyer was from China, and I believe that it was a domain investor that purchased it. The name holds similar WHOIS data and landing pages to,, and among other names. A fee of $390,560 could certainly be a domain investor purchase, especially in this market.

Read the full story here:
If that was truly sold to a domain investor it shows confidence in his domaining skills.
He is pretty sure he can turn around and sell it at a profit.

Do you think he can?

I sure do, in fact I would have paid that had I had the opportunity to bid.

I see this domain selling upwards of 2.5 million given the possibility of end users.

Nice profit margin!!
I agree Frank. I think someone made a very good investment purchase.
Buyer most definitely got a fantastic deal on this. If you compare this to recent .com sales this year, it’s definitely one of the better names and best value for the price.

I don’t think many people realize how many great .com’s Chinese buyers have in their hands. I would love to know how many 2 L and 2 N .com’s that are registered to a Chinese company/individual.
Agree as well. I have 0 doubt that they will turn an excellent profit on a nice one-worder .com like that.

I was going to also say: "the only question is how long will it take", but I think that matters more in terms of how much of a profit they want to make. is a much better domain than and too, imo.
100% in agreement. Easily a 7-fig domain.
I also think it’s a 7fig domain. Great buy by an astute domainer.

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