Study on eccommerce during and after COVID in Canada - April 2021 (1 Viewing)


Nov 11, 2020
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Study done by ShipStation in April 2021 has some great insights in the effects of COVID on consumers and e-commerce in Canada.
• 76% report that they have chosen to shop with small, local, and/or independent retailers in rder to support their local economy in recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic.
• 47% say they have discovered a small new ecommerce retailer via 59% social media in the last year. 73% of these respondents then made a purchase through a retailers website.
• 59% say that they will prefer to shop online instead of in stores, even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
• 75% say they are shopping online more as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
• 74% agreed that buying online is easier than it was one year ago.
• 61% say buying online offers a better experience now than it did one year ago.
• 75% agreed that they expected retailers to offer free shipping during COVID-19 to counter balance slower shipping times. (My Note: Every study done in the past 5 years has shown that consumers LOVE free shipping).
• 64% of consumers have taken advantage of curbside.
• 58% of consumers have used buy online, pick up in store.
• 60% expect retailers to offer buy online, pick up in store indefinitely.
• 68% expect retailers to offer free shipping indefinitely.
• 56% expect retailers to offer free shipping indefinitely (I’m surprised it’s that low).
• 41% say they’re less likely to shop with retailers not offering curbside or buy online, pick up in store.
• 77% agree that COVID-19 made them lower or reset expectations around delivery speed
• 70% want the ability to see and select shipping rates and speed during the checkout process
• 78% want full visibility into expected shipping timelines before making the purchase.
• 91% expect full transparency into shipping timelines and costs.
• 56% say that COVID has not made them any more willing to pay for shipping in exchange for faster delivery.

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