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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON

12 years of higher and higher taxes and then giving it away to other counties and entities. Vote for Trudeau if you want more government telling you what to do in all aspects of your life.

He thinks all this anger is from just anti vaxxers, I hate to tell him but I cannot think of anything positive he has done in 12 years other than to tax us and give away billions we don't have. I fear for my kids who will have a legacy of debt because of this moron.

Remember the very first decision he did when he came to power?

He reduced our Tax Free Savings account from 10k to 5k because ordinary Canadians don't need such a high amount of tax gree savings.
We had a balanced budget in 2015. We haven't since. Trudeau is a dolt.
MapleDots said:

Here’s one of the many reasons I don’t trust the MSM. It’s starts off as “anti vaccine protestors”. I mean how do they know that? Are they really? Or was there a few that were so they ASSumed that all of them were anti vaccine.

The CBC is HEAVILY funded by the government so I take anything they say with a grain of salt.
I agree with the above.

Funny but I was coming here to post about all the Trudeau hate I’ve been seeing in the news.

If you take all the people from before who wouldn’t have voted for him, then add the people who’ve changed their mind in the last year or so, he might look stupid for calling an early election during a rising covid wave and Afganistan boondoggle.

but he still has time to recover, wouldn’t count him out yet. though maybe more are finally seeing through him for his flaws in leadership. He is not PM material for the kind of world we have now.

though the other parties I’m not sure are much better, you never know but a Conservative minority would have a lot of trouble governing with all the other parties being so far left.

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