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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
I have a theme going for the Community forums...

Screenshot (42).png

Chat Room, Lunch Room, News Room - they all resonate nicely with me.
I was thinking of calling the Lunch Room The Break Room - What do you think of that?

Now where I am not so happy is with the name Show Room - As in a car dealers show room.
That is the place verified members can openly discuss their domains without fear of regular members, guest, or google seeing the conversation.

I guess its a place to Show your domains and Discuss them with your peers.

However, I am trying to think of an alternative name to use where the second word is Room.

Any suggestions?

Or should I just leave it as is?
I like The Locker Room. But I think for a DN forum, The Break Room suits it well.
I like Break Room
I like Break Room

That is an option for Lunch room but it's also what namepros uses and dnforum uses the watercooler so Lunch Room seemed a fair alternative.

But back on topic to my main goal here....

Is there a better alternative to Show Room for Verified members.

Here is the forum description.

Screenshot (56).png
The Privy
I’m not crazy about it but wth..
Show Room > Stock Room ?

Stock Room: Talk about your Stock Inventory with other Verified Members

Show Room: Show and Discuss your Inventory with other Verified Members.

Can go either way unless someone has another Name/Room alternative for the verified forum.

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