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I read this article when it came out and was impressed too.

I like how they speak about the aftermarket and domain investors in a positive manner, and how they even mention namebio.com and how jobs.ca sold for 600K USD.

I also like how they included this line by Bill Sweetman:

If you’re lucky, you might be able to obtain your domain in the secondary market for under $5,000.”

Although this part below has some truth to it, hopefully too many people don't take this advice. It's annoying how some people will wait for you to renew your domain before making an offer, especially when it comes to premium domains you would never let drop:

Check the expiry date of the registered domain
When you find out a domain is registered through CIRA's domain search, the “Domain info” tab displays the expiry date. If the expiry date is coming up soon, keep checking on the status and either attempt to scoop it up during a To-Be-Released (TBR) session (especially important for premium domains) or you can wait and see if it makes it to the next phase of the domain name life cycle, from TBR into general availability.

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