Who is renewing .com's before the September 1st price increase? (1 Viewing)


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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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I usually renew all my domains January 1st, so anything due in 2024 would be renewed January 1st 2024

I have already done my .com's for the year but this year I am faced with the decision to renew the .com's earlier and save about a buck per domain name. In my case that represents a significant amount of money and as much as I hate renewing earlier I think my arm has been twisted enough to proceed.

What is everyone else doing?
I'm renewing and transferring most of my .COMs early.
Renewing lots... Some for 5 years.

The sad thing is, CIRA will see the a big bump in this year's revenue, then there will be a giant dip in next year's revenue and thus probably a negative year-over-year revenue at the end of next year.

Of course that's due to so many renewals beating the price increase deadline.

So CIRA will probably say "a drop in revenues? No problem, we'll raise prices again!"
Oh yes, also renewing and transferring the .CAs that I'm keeping.
Oh yes, also renewing and transferring the .CAs that I'm keeping.
I've been doing the same, and also for the .org domain names.

I went in and did another USD $2,000 worth of renewals this morning, even though nothing expires before 2026, just to organize them more into groups (e.g. all 3-letter .com domains now renew in 2030 or beyond, 2-letter .com domains in 2032, etc). I might do another USD $2,000 tomorrow (that's the 24 hour OpenSRS limit for my account), just to improve the groupings of the expiry dates....
I've been renewing stuff a few months earlier than normal, and also renewing the 'gold' stuff for multiple years, but also not going crazy since there's cash-flow to think about as well, not just saving $1 per domain.
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I wish that the .ca, .com and .xyz increases were not all on the same date, but it has been a good time to reflect on what is worth renewing in advance across the portfolio.

I finished all my renewals this morning, ahead of Friday's fee increases.

I produced some analytics on what my portfolio looks like (a "typical" registrant is likely to be very different, probably mostly in 2023-2025).

Number of Domains vs. Expiration Date-1.png
Percentage of Domain Portfolio vs. Expiration Date-2.png
Percentage of Domain Portfolio vs. Expiration Date-3.png
Percentage of Domain Portfolio vs. Expiration Date-4.png

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