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I think it was a pretty good buy.
Certainly not a knock but I think this might be one where I might like the plural better.
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It’s a decent sale but you’re right Jaydub, I personally like the plural better as well but the singular is a great name.
Re: Yacht vs yachts... I'd say the singular was equal or better than the plural. And for what its worth based on my extensive data, the word yacht is used in a .CA domain about twice as often as the plural (and that's after removing all the ones matching "yachts").

If you owned a yacht (I mean a real yacht, not just a boat, so at least 40' long), then the price of most yachts is likely $500K and up to hundreds of millions. It would have been worth buying Yacht.ca just to sell your own yacht. Just one damn yacht sale would have made it worth every penny.

BTW, the seller is definitely on this board, and I believe the buyer is on this board too. We'll see if either want to fess up.

Even if I think it was under priced, people need to move domains sometimes for myriad reasons... I get that, so I'm happy for the seller, and the buyer. It was listed at Sedo for a while at that exact price, so it was a BIN purchase at Sedo - so Sedo must have reported it, not that the seller necessarily wanted to report it. I should've bought it myself. In my opinion, it might have been the best domain in the sellers portfolio (at least that I know of). Then again, it's probably been in his portfolio for 20+ years and not had any serious offers. The reality is, with a premium domain, you're always waiting for that one right buyer to come along, and it can be a long wait.
silentg said:
Looks like a domainer bought it. Could be inspired by this purchase:

That is a fantastic article. It’s so important to know the value of your domain and not settle for less.

It’s also so important to have a brain and not overprice everything you own expecting for a huge payday that will never come.
Spex said:

Nice buy for a one word and even though the target market is rather small the money in that market is huge and that may just translate into a larger sale for yacht.ca

All that said I wonder if in this case the plural would not be better because if you are storing yachts or selling yachts you would be more inclined to use the plural.

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