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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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I found this neat new URL and it shows how the new TLD's are making it possible to have web addresses we could only dream of before. The person who launched looks like he is running a legitimate business because I was researching a part for my pool and the link from google search took me to a business listed on

Although I admire the use of this NEW domain, and I think the owner of the website is a bit of a pioneer, I feel he might be taking a big risk and the Yellow Pages may eventually come knocking on his door if they feel a threat to their business.

Yellow pages runs under and and I know it is a fiercely protected trademark. I cannot help but wonder if the owner of the domain is not taking a big risk.

This discussion is right up the alley of [notify]Name Guy[/notify] because I know he has quite a number of the new TLD's. is the original 411 search for YellowPages because a private person owned

After many years YellowPages finally purchased and now runs both sites which surprises me that they have not amalgamated them.
Speaking of yellow pages, has anyone ever noticed the list of .ca’s they own?

My top 5 would probably be:

I probably missed a few more they own but those are pretty impressive.

They actually paid a 5 figure price for eat but the price was never reported.

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