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Nov 4, 2020
Waterloo, ON
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Congratulations [notify]zDomainName[/notify]. I hope you were able to report your sales from this year. Well done.
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Happy to hear about your success [notify]zDomainName[/notify] in the .CA space. Congratulations on the past sales and your new acquisition. I will not drop any from now on. ;)
How come these names are not appearing on Namebio?
theinvestor said:
How come these names are not appearing on Namebio?

Not all venues and sellers report their sales to Namebio. I know for some marketplaces Namebio collects the data automatically, for others they don't/can't. Would be great to see those reported.
You can easily upload your dan invoice to namebios to get the sale recorded.

I tried it with my last sale and all I did was specify the domain and upload the sale invoice.

When it asked me for where it sold I did specify MapleDots.ca via Dan.com to make sure MapleDots got a mention.

I don't traditionally report but I have been experimenting with Dan and Namebios as of late to see if they are a good fit for me.

The problem I have reporting to namebios is I cannot report my hidden domains because they are in specific niche groups where I don't want copycats. Regular 4 letter and misc domains are no problems and I can easily report them.
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