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Nov 4, 2020
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Got our shiny new name servers from WHC and all my sites are finished and migrated.

WHC now hosts the DNS for DN.ca and for few of my business sites.

MapleDots is fully hosted at WHC and acts as the master domain under which I run my other business domains and a lot of my MapleDots domains.

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So let me share a few thoughts on WHC hosting.

First and foremost, the support is insane good, I make a support ticket in the control panel and support takes care of the rest. They fixed all issues I have had in a prompt and efficient way. Kudos to the support team, absolutely phenomenal. Without this as the number one point nothing else would matter!

2. The integration of full cPanel with the WHC control panel is slick. I can do most major cPanel functions right from withing the NEW WHC panel.

3. It feels good to see my hundreds of MapleDots domains in the same place and if I want to use one for business (or to create a mock site) I can do so in seconds.

4. All domains hosted at WHC get free forwarding and 3 email domains you@yourdomain.ca for free.

5. I can access all my billing invoices, from auction, domain purchases etc in one simple click and they are now arranged in proper order with the most recent one listed first. The auction domains drop seamlessly into my account.

6. Accessing my hosting server controls are about two keyclicks deep.

7. The feedback button actually gets monitored, I made a couple of suggestions via feedback and noticed the suggestions were implemented. Wow, feedback that actually works!! However please don't confuse feedback with support, open a new ticket if you actually require support.

8. The bulk tools for domain management work amazingly well, they could use a few more features but all in all I am quite pleased. Simply click on a domain name and all the controls are one keyclick away other than the transfer code which is two keyclicks away for safety reasons.

9. ADVANCED DNS MANAGER is free on all domains registered at WHC and I cannot tell you what an amazing feature that is. My daughter and my wife both have blogger sites with custom domains. I did not have to transfer the domains to my hosting account, I simply opened the advances DNS manager and made the required changes. For really advanced DNS management like for DN.ca I moved the domain into cPanel and used Zone Editor. I got into trouble a couple of times with this and WHC support jumped on it right away.

10. This is a small point but soooo nice to have. The control panel can filter everything by extension and the best part about that is you don't have to sort through hundreds of extensions, it just shows the sort from the ones you have registered in your control panel. How slick is that? In my case I only have 4 extensions registered at WHC and you can see only 4 are in the drop down speeding things up nicely.

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I also moved my email from Google Workspace combined with Google Domains to WHC.

I now use the built in round cube in cPanel for each email account and I use my personal gmail account to retrieve the mail via pop3. So I can filter email from numerous pop3 accounts into my personal gmail and send out via smtp using the appropriate email address. Again, pretty slick and everything in one tidy place.

Last and final thought..... The new control panel is easy on the eyes, everything is super nice and every bug I reported is now fixed. It's probably my favourite control panel from everyone I've used. Login is super smooth and quick but if I had one complaint it's that the session times are way too short, it seems like I'm forever logging in. Maybe @FM could get them to look at that. I would so much love to be able to set my computer as trusted and stay logged in for at least a week.
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One of the suggestions I made in feedback was to add target=blank to the following links

Get a new domain
Transfer domain
Place a backorder

Since they go to outside of the control panel that made sense so you did not lose your spot in the whc control panel. However the BACKORDER CENTER opens within the control panel and they accidentally added the target=blank on that link which duplicated another whc tab. That needs to be fixed.

Also... If I could make a wish its to list those links separately from the DOMAINS because every time I want to look at my domains it's a double click of Domains and then Domains again to see the list.
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If you don't mind me asking, which Hosting Plan did you sign up for?

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