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OMG, I was devastated when that program got discontinued, I used it to communicate personally and with employees.
I used MSN Messenger
How is that so old compared to some others? ICQ was released before AOL and I used that like a maniac during school and while gaming.

And what was that old 90's software that first emulated LAN for online playin multi-player games. Everyone in the community had it and it was the real beginning of something huge - started with a "K" I think.

I remember now, it was Kali - released in 1995 - what a blast that was. Kali (software) - Wikipedia
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Are you old enough to remember this?

Do you know what it is?
I remember it well.

In fact I used to work at AOL in the early 2000's right after the Time Warner merger. I started in dial-up support then quickly moved to broadband / satellite support and then became a team leader. I taught a bunch of other techs how to use Windows XP at the time since I had been using the beta version for quite a while.

The writing was already on the wall then. You could tell that the company was heading in the wrong direction.

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I remember the best thing was when I discovered a dialup ISP called FlashNet in Fort Worth, TX - the freedom from AOL was wonderful, nothing special, just a barebones dial up connection and some free hosting space without jumping through the AOL hoops.

Remember the days when your personal hosting space was something like ?

This was their earliest archive page: FlashNet Communications

Too bad they weren't indexing user pages too - would be fun to again see what I had online in 1996.

FlashNet eventually went public and were then quickly bought out by Prodigy in 1999, but I had moved to Canada by that time anyways...

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