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Nov 7, 2020
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I was negotiating with a buyer over one of my domains, but we couldn't agree on price and the buyer went with another domain instead. He then told me what it was, he says he just bought can dot ca for $8600 CAD from Afternic. I'd call that a pretty good deal for the end user. I even told him so and congratulated him.
It will be interesting to see what the domain develops into.

I remember looking at that domain over the years because its short for Canada.

Can.ca is very nice, like "just do it", only "you can"

Then there is always do .ca..... right @Nafti ;)
That's a great deal for a 3-letter word like that - I'd think that during "The Madness" that domain would have sold for close to the same price wholesale.
Then there is always do .ca..... right
@Nafti ;)
Apparently it’s listed for sale somewhere….. 🤔

He then told me what it was, he says he just bought can dot ca for $8600 CAD from
Assuming you can’t reveal much detail about the name he wanted of yours but in your opinion, is your name better than Can.ca?

$8600 is a definite steal for the buyer.
There's no doubt CAN is worth way more than $8600 in an end user sale. Aftermarket was my domain. Its weird because the two domains don't even appear to be related. I believe the buyer is going to use it in a cannabis related goods business, as in an aftermarket for that kind of stuff. Note that the buyer also has another one-word LLL that he uses for his other business too.




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