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I thought Rick sold this to a company for $$$ and a part of the firm. And the site is still there, taking orders.

Something happen?
MapleDots said:
Also reported here:

[notify]aactive[/notify] have you been busy?

That one has a bit of history. Rick of course sold it in 2009 or so, for I believe $3M, plus a share of sales/profits. I understand it got into trouble several years ago for black hat style SEO and got severely punished by Google and it took them years to get back in their good graces. Sites like have vastly out-performed them online. Still in the right hands a good domain.

We forward to our candy site.
This landed in my junk folder quite a few times already, but it's another thing that made me think of @aactive. I'm 100% certain these guys aren't following the law (by any means), especially considering they are from the US and advertising to Canadians, but it's something to keep on your radar:

I am in the business and this would be a legal product in Canada as long as it is THC free.

There are a multitude of hemp products available in health food stores but the therapeutics the guys above are claiming without THC is questionable at best.

One would also have to see if they have an NPN number which they probably do not so technically according to Canadian law they can retail x3 bottles maximum for personal consumption to the end client.

All that said again you take your chances because if the package is opened and there is no Canadian NPN number then there is a risk of the package being confiscated.

With all the cross border rules I traditionally keep my online stores in Canada only.
@Esdiel The CBD market is something that we have looked a bit, and will revisit in the future. It comes with a litany of regulations and lawsuit possibilities for kids getting into their parent's "pick-me-ups". Gummies are like a magnet for kids.

Our next site (licorice) is getting closer (finally!) and should launch in the next 2-3 weeks. It better, we have about 1,500 pounds of licorice! :)
Esdiel said:
I saw this too and the first thing I thought of was [notify]aactive[/notify] lol

The candy man can
He mixes it with love and makes the world go round
So who bought

A big candy company like Hershey or someone just buying out the competition? It seems like this was the whole business that got bought out, not just the domain, or am I wrong.
domains said:
So who bought

A big candy company like Hershey or someone just buying out the competition? It seems like this was the whole business that got bought out, not just the domain, or am I wrong.

I'm guessing it was just the domain. was bought by Melville Candy from Rick in 2009.
Everything with Rick is always going to be better. in the future...

And the candy sales continue

Domain name investor Greg Ricks has struck with another six figure domain sale:

Ricks told Domain Name Wire he just sold the domain for $112,125.

Global Digital Media SA in France is the buyer. Right now, the domain resolves to a page with a graphic of a candy store with a stylized “Candy Shop” overlayed.

I think [notify]aactive[/notify] is on to something with all the candy domains

envy *DANCE*
That's a pretty good sale by Greg. I think the price is fair for the domain...I much prefer candystore dot com personally.
So it looks like is going digital as in a non candy related website.

I said this a long time ago when I posted on another forum. Domains that evoke fond memories and comfort make great domains.

I remember I registered & thinking it would be great for a software or digital company because it sounds like something warm we all enjoy.

It will be interesting to see hoe the story of evolves.
You just never know. For years everyone thinks is best used to sell candy, way before NFT's even existed. You just never know what a domain will be used for.
Those NFT's are getting on my nerves, who is buying them.

Between crypto and NFT's everything is going digital.

God help us if the network somehow goes down and this stuff is lost, money will just magically disappear.

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