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Nov 4, 2020
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As most of you know, we are using the following... - to post .ca for sale - to post .com for sale - to post all other extensions for sale

A small part of me is still in doubt that .xyz is the best extension over .top .pro etc.

There are now so many extension out there I am looking for the best one that says .all or .other with a similar meaning.

Does anyone think they have a better alternate to as in NamePost.something

Lets discuss....
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?.gld (gld = garbage level domains)

Ok, I think I might be showing a little bias against most new tlds. Of course I don't think all new tlds are crap. But lets just say with somewhere around 1600 of them, mostly ones that no one can even name with any certainty, they are indeed, mostly crap.
Yeah even .horse is now available, which was always a joke of mine.

That said, I would only consider a 3 letter and I found this list.

Screenshot - 2022-12-17T090046.868.png

.new sounds interesting

So could be the section for all the NEW tld's

I think Google's new is mostly intended to create something new, i.e. a new docs ( and maybe a new forum post in this case. Not sure if it's enforced though by any means: Get a .new Domain Name for Your Website

.new is a domain extension exclusively for performing new actions online: any act that leads to creation can have a quick and memorable .new shortcut associated with it. Help your customers take action faster. Less time clicking means more time creating.

I gotta add some more TLDs to WHC's offerings, it seems.
I prefer .xyz myself. It's emerging as the most popular aftermarket new gTLD (so no concerns about the registry folding anytime soon), and it's probably one of the most (if not the most) generic extensions.
XYZ works well in this case as it's for a bunch of TLD's, so I think it works kinda nicely in that regard.

Where do you put it? File it at the bottom under XYZ :)

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