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Today I added the following features...

Screenshot (2).png

A "Quick Search" box has been added if you are looking for something particular in that section, it is live as you type.

The "Your Topics" button is renamed to "Show My Topics"

It allows you to click a button and see all your OWN topics in a forum.

I also opened up show my topics to all members not just verified, I did not want to restrict such a useful feature.
Screenshot (4).png

When you read a Market Topic by a member you now have a button you can click to see all Market Listings by that member.

It will list them like this...

Screenshot (5).png
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Screenshot (15).png

I separated Live Auctions from Market Posts in the right side bar today.

This is a brand new feature where I can highlight live auctions.

I am working on Part Two of the live auctions to more seamlessly link the chat room to the live auction topic.

I have a great idea on this one and won't give it away until I have found a way to implement it.
Great work @MapleDots!

Sorry if this has been discussed before but there's only ever one chat room available correct? If so, I'm wondering how it might work when there's more than one auction happening at the same time. Do people simply have to wait for active auctions to end before starting their own (ie in the chat room)?

I assume can people also run an auction simply within their topic as well? And not use the chatroom?
Chat Room Version 2.0 will have multiple rooms but for now we have to be careful when scheduling.

I am working on a calendar for live auctions so that feature is coming before Chat Room 2.0
Sounds good.

Do all auctions have to be "live auctions" in the chatroom? Or can we have an auction only within the topic itself and not use the chatroom?
I added the following NEW features in the last couple of days

Screenshot - 2022-11-17T082602.411.png

On FORUM view​

It now shows how many topic views each forum has had.
This number only changes once per member or guest viewing a topic.
It counts unique visits only and you cannot repeatedly click a topic to influence the number.

Screenshot - 2022-11-17T131530.377.png

In TOPIC view​

At the top of each topic it now shows how many replies to the topic and how many guests and members have viewed the topic.
Again, it counts each person only once because it is based on unique visits. Repeatedly clicking the topic will not influence the count.

Screenshot - 2022-11-17T082747.827.png

On FORUM View​

It now shows how many members and guests are within each forum
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Nice work.

104 people viewing the market pages atm. How many domains for sale do we have pointing there?
To answer my own question, I see around 596 domains redirecting to Is that accurate?

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