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I saw this train-wreck coming down the track long ago...
Old studs don't breed
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I feel bad for Rick, but he should take some responsibility if he picked the wrong partner(s) to work with, didn't do (enough) due diligence on them, etc. That being said, remains a great domain name, and is better suited to some other type of venture. Would make a great home improvement brand name and domain.

I'm certainly not a fan boy follower of Rick, but, given what I've read, I'm not sure how much more responsibility he could or should have taken. He pulled the plug, apologized to all, and admitted one of the most embarrassing possible things for a proud man to admit - that he got swindled.
A response from the developer

This is grimy of the domain king to air his dirty laundry on Twitter.

Since I've publicly said I was working with him I feel I need to protect my reputation, which is that of a rational, empathetic, fair, human being.

TLDR: DK doesn't know me and didn't care to get to know me.

From my (Developer) point of view.

The Partner reached out to me 10-ish months ago through my website at

He was asking for help with

I assessed the work done up to that point and it was unfortunately smoke n' mirrors from shady developers.

The Partner nor DK are not developers.


  • have been coding and IT'ing for 23 years
  • poured all of my extra time into the project without pay or shares
  • rewrote some of the smoke n' mirrors and ditched the rest. (ReactJS Frontend Microservice)
  • wrote additional microservices from scratch using (woo!)
  • wrote the code to interact with's sandbox services
  • started drumming up sign-ups

At this point it's primed for it's first sale.

The Partner and I approached DK for a conversation which turned into a lecture.

DK said (paraphrasing):
  • "I don't want a job"
  • "I'm not putting anything more in until sales"
  • and other rude things

Why would I bring DK a platform and sales and beg for a share?
and admitted one of the most embarrassing possible things for a proud man to admit - that he got swindled.

The easiest people to con have a lot of money and success, and because of that money and success, think that it's because they are extremely intelligent.

Then you play on that.

I've seen it a hundred times on a personal level. A doctor friend of mine from a rich family (in Toronto) got absolutely hoodwinked by a pseudo-cult operation and I listened to the spiel and every second sentence began with "Only someone as accomplished/successful/etc. as you are could recognize such a..."

Another is a business owner (who inherited the company) that for no reason at all, got sold a $1.5M house for use as a office (!!) when he had just gone out with the broker to lease a commercial property. A lot of "Only a business leader like you could see the investment opportunity..." BS and suddenly he's signing on the dotted line. His father, who still has some juice, had to get personally involved and block the deal but it cost him some money.
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A response from the developer

It looks there were 2 sets of developers.

1) The shady scammers who initially swindled Rick out of a lot of time and money.

2) This second guy who came in and tried to fix the mess, then got all the anger and vitriol that Rick had built up from dealing with the first guys.

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