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Has anyone seen any positive impact or results from using Meta's Threads app for business so far?

Do you see Twitter-like... sorry, X-like potential to keep your audience engaged?

I'm looking for some alternatives too, as X-Twitter traffic seems to be dying out.

Elon seems to be trying to create the next MySpace and Geocities.
I took twitter off my business page, could not be bothered changing logo and such and do not intend to repeat anything on threads.

Once bitten, twice shy...
I have used Threads for domain related and not much reach. Since there's no search to find posts, you have to scroll to find content you might like.

  • No filter control what you see on the timeline
  • Can't search for specific topics and no hashtag support

Right now it's another Instagram (50% photos / 50 text).

Even with all the recent changes and limitations, Twitter (X) is still good.
Thanks for the input, guys.

Besides being pushed to go through IG, Threads has limitations that make me believe it is still a pretty raw product. Content-wise, nothing that I've seen on Threads is unique as it seems a lot of it is coming directly from other platforms.

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