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Nov 23, 2020
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Amazingly I had quite a few offers on Christmas, but one negotiation was really weird.

He made an okay offer, and I countered at $3500 hoping to make a quick sale. He declined and then made a $5,000 counter. :unsure:

I assumed it was a mistake so I've left it sitting there, but what do you think:

A) Meant to put $500 and added an extra zero? (obvious one)
B) Is high on the Christmas spirit of giving?
C) Is a Broker looking to maximize his commission and bid near his client's limit?
D) He drank too much eggnog and thought my counter was $35,000?

And what should I do?
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Sure, but in the back of my head I'm thinking "this is just another jerk and he'll probably have a good laugh at me accepting it".

But yeah, I think I'll accept it later today, and give him a bit more time in case it's a scenario of "Oooops, I meant to type in $500".
But yeah, I think I'll accept it later today, and give him a bit more time in case it's a scenario of "Oooops, I meant to type in $500".
How did that pan out??

I had a funny one today, maybe a dick move on my part and I probably just lost a $1900 USD sale for a $10 handreg that is less than a year old. But I had a guy come back and re-open a negotiation from a month ago saying he wants to make this happen, but then offered me $1500 which was less than his last offer of $1700 when we broke off negotiations before (when I was only asking $2K firm, down from the initial quote of $2500).

So I declined his $1500 tonight and said I'm not negotiating. And yet he still comes back with $1900. Had he started off by just agreeing to the $2K quote from our last negotiation, I'd have said fine. But with him coming back with a lower offer than his last one, I thought I can play that game too. So I declined the $1900, told him the price is $2200, and also told him the price is going up by another $500+ on Jan 1 due to inflation. Now I've probably pissed him off enough to lose the sale completely. Especially since I think he's a realtor, and I know they think they're great negotiators and are typically cheap as heck, so I doubt his pride will let him to pay my price now. But clearly he missed the clues that I'm very stubborn too.

The lesson here is that this is exactly why I should just BIN price my domains that are under $10K and not even allow offers. Its way nicer to just wake up to a sale than to repeatedly negotiate over peanuts...
Obviously it didn't pan out, and I just accepted the offer on the slim off-chance it was a greedy broker looking to maximize his commission or a company looking to drain their promotional budget for 2022.

But instead it was just a moron following his genetic code and somehow feeling he's "making a statement". :ROFLMAO:

As for these "lowball negotiations on junker domains" I tend to be like the Eagles these days and just take the money and run. I recently sold a similar one for $2K, and while I might have been able to drag him up the tree a bit more, I decided to just grab it and pour it into next week. Glad I did.

As for the BINs, that definitely works here and there, and I have a set of them that I wake up to the odd "Congratulations, XYZ sold" email. But it's probably better to just take the $1900 and be the bigger man, assuming he hasn't done or said anything to tick you off, as then I slam the door.
I must be really tired from Christmas, as I just realized Steve Miller sang Take the Money and Run. :unsure: :ROFLMAO:

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