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Nov 28, 2020
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This might be a fun thread where we can post 1-word generic .CA's that are developed, in use and promoted in mainstream media.

I'll go first...


I always see a TV commercial for this place during the local 6pm news. I wouldn't say it's the greatest name for a rehab centre, but it works I guess. The singular is owned by the North.ca/401.ca guys
Funny you start this topic today. I've been preparing a similar topic for a while now but never got around to posting it yet because i wanted to split things up into a few topics. For example, we could have:

1. "Domains in the Wild": a place for us to post/mention domains we see outside of our homes (ie on the street), where we also post a picture of the domain we see (if possible). It could be a domain you see behind or alongside a vehicle/transport truck, on top of a skyscraper, or any domains you might see on a business storefront etc. I know the concept isn't new but when they say "domains in the wild' I'm pretty sure it's meant to be outside of your home. Maybe we could even call it "Domains in the Canadian Wilderness" to give it a unique name.

2. "Domains on we see on TV": This is actually the topic I was working on first, and I already have a long list of domains to add. I was thinking we could post both the domain and the network/channel we saw it on. I was also thinking we could keep adding the domains/networks people mention in the original post and watch the list grow over time.

3. As for this current topic/post, maybe we could just call it "SPOTTED 1-word .CA domains in use" or something like it, for us to mention any single word .CA domain we see in use. I actually saw a sponsored ad in my email just this morning and they were using a single-word generic .CA. I was trying to figure out where that might fit into a topic, and this would be perfect.

I'm sure there are other ideas we can come up with too. Anyway, I like what you got started here and not trying to change things against your will but I thought I'd throw these ideas out there.
Wow, sounds like your idea is about 1000x better and more thought-out than mine. If you go for it just let me know and I'll edit/close this thread as much as I can
Spex said:
Wow, sounds like your idea is about 1000x better and more thought-out than mine. If you go for it just let me know and I'll edit/close this thread as much as I can

Haha I'm glad you like the idea(s). I wouldn't mind hearing what others think or if anyone has ideas. There will likely be some overlap with "spotted 1-word generic .CA domains" and the other topics I proposed but some overlap isn't a terrible thing either.
I spotted Climb.ca in my email sponsored ads.

Namebio says: "CLIMB.CA last sold for $4,800 on 2008-11-11 at DomainConvergence/ Fusu"


I'm pretty sure the company using the domain today paid even more for it, since archive.org shows no history from mid-2006 to December 2014, at which point it was still listed for sale on Sedo: https://web.archive.org/web/20141217022132/http://climb.ca/

Spotted Clearly.ca, in a sponsored ad in my emails:

Just saw this today:


It looked like this a few weeks ago:

Not exactly all single words, but I thought I would share these that I saved over the past few weeks:






moosk said:
best.ca was on a van today, downtown here... cleaning/maintenance/etc. company, seems.

What a great brand
Saw this one this morning on ESPN for a grocery delivery service in Alberta & BC. spud.ca

MapleDots said:
Not as nice as munch.ca

In my opinion, munch.ca is better as a snacks-related brand. I think spud.ca is okay for the purpose they are using it. At the end of the day, their performance as a brand and marketing savvy will decide their success. Names like jobs.ca, cars.ca, candy.ca, homes.ca, and 1,000 others don't guarantee success, they just help if everything else is right.
Speaking of munch... I noticed munch.co sold for 8,428 USD a few weeks ago (June 10th). I doubt it's the same buyer but it could be considering how close in time both sales were.

Note that spud.com redirects to spud.ca.

They've been around a long time.

Registrant Name: SPUD (TM), Small Potatoes Urban Delivery Inc.
Creation Date: 2000-09-25T17:17:36Z

Index headings



(1) Retail Delivery of Groceries


Used in CANADA since November 01, 1997

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